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Rules Enforcement

The Covenants & You

The Declaration of Covenants is a legal contract between the Association and the buyer that specifies certain rights, liabilities, and commitments governing the use and occupancy of the property.  The Declaration of Covenants runs with the land, is conveyed to new owners at closing, and Florida law presumes that each owner and all subsequent owners of the property have knowledge of its provisions.  Every homeowner should retain a copy of the Covenants applicable to their property. 

Community Handbook

All Homeowners should be familiar with the Magnolia Point Community Handbook which outlines and describes the Covenants and Association standards for maintaining the physical condition and appearance of their property.

Inspections and Violations

The Community Association Manager (CAM) conducts routine surveys of community properties to visually inspect homeowner lots for covenant compliance.  Violations will be generated and recorded, based on neighborhood rides conducted by the CAM, and/or, reported by residents and verified by the CAM.

Noted violations result in an initial courtesy letter (1st Notice of Violation) to the homeowner explaining the problem and a request for owners to submit a written “Action to Satisfy Form” within seven (7) calendar days.  All violations should be corrected as soon as possible or within a 30 day period.

Uncorrected covenant violations are addressed via a hearing conducted by a peer panel of homeowners who serve as members of the REC.  The panel's proceedings are authorized, required and directed by Florida statues.  Failure to resolve violations could result in a fine of $100.00 per day for a maximum of 10 days.

The authority to implement the above guidelines is outlined in the Declaration of Covenants sections 1.18, 3.23 and 5.7.

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