Roads, Drainage & Waterways

Committee Chairman:  Bart Wood, ph 904-284-0947, [email protected]

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Roads, Drainage & Waterways

As a privately owned Community Association and Planned Urban Development (PUD), the Association owns and is responsible for maintaining its roads, drainage infrastructure, and related stormwater retention ponds.  For this reason, a reserve fund was established and annual contributions from Association dues and assessments are used to budget and execute needed repairs.

The maintenance and upkeep of our roads is an ongoing process. It is the charter of this committee to monitor the conditions of our roads and respond to homeowners’ concerns regarding any problem areas as quickly as possible. The committee will make recommendations to the Association Board, contracts will be issued and repairs will be initiated as needed in order to maintain the function and safety of the roads, drainage systems and retention ponds within the community.

Revised 30 May 2019 / whn2