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Committee Chairman:  Gary Dake; ph 904-284-2767, [email protected]

CLC Reports

2015 Club Use Agreement w/ Appendices

In July 2011, the Association entered into a member approved Use Agreement with Magnolia Point Golf & Country Club.  In exchange for a monthly use fee, Magnolia Point residents are provided the same amenities at the Club as those who purchase a Social Membership. This includes use of the pool, tennis courts, playgound, the restaurant (main dining room) and the Pub. Golf fees are not included.  Additionally, the Agreement established and chartered the Community Liaison Committee which serves to represent the member's interests with respect to the agreement.

Community Liaison Committee Charter

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has determined that the best interests of the Association and its members would be served if certain activities of the Association were supervised by a committee of the members; and, WHEREAS, the Board of Directors within their authority has the responsibility to establish such committees and charge those committees with duties and responsibilities; and,

NOW THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED, that there shall be a standing committee chartered as the Community Liaison Committee (CLC). This Committee shall act as the voice of the community and represent the community's best interest by coordinating the wishes of the community, first to the Association's Board of Directors, and then to ownership and management of the Magnolia Golf and Country Club. Specifically, the CLC shall have the following responsibilities and authority:

1) The Committee shall communicate with both the Magnolia Point Community Association, Inc. and the ownership and management of Magnolia Point Golf and Country Club regarding suggestions for improvements to the facilities of the club and/or programs and policies thereof.

2) The Committee shall monitor the relationship between the Magnolia Point Community Association, and the ownership regarding monitoring compliance with the terms of the Use Agreement between the two parties. This monitoring shall also include review of the financial records as provided in the terms of the Use Agreement for lease of use of the club facilities.

3) The Committee shall make periodic reports to the Board of Directors concerning all matters related to the "Agreement".

4) The Committee shall consist of at least five Members of the Association. One will serve as Chairperson and one as secretary of the Committee.

5) The Committee shall meet at least bi-monthly.

6) The Committee shall perform its duties in accordance with the provisions of the Resolution of “Committees Generally".

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