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Access Control Committee Chairman:  Jon Bastress, ‭ph (904) 531-9144, [email protected]

Front Gate Security:  ph (904) 284-6813

Access Control Monthly Reports

Gate Remote Request/Transfer & Guest / Vendor List Forms

Remote Access System (RAS) Policy

As a result of living within a gated community, Magnolia Point residents enjoy a high level of comfort in knowing that road access is restricted. Additionally, the Green Cove Springs Police routinely patrol inside the gates to ensure that traffic laws are obeyed and to provide a visual presence on a random basis. Nevertheless, like any community, Magnolia Point is not totally immune to petty crime. Accordingly, each resident should do his or her part to ensure that Magnolia Point remains the safe place to live that it always has been.

Gate Security:
There are several major elements associated with controlling access to the community.

MPCA contracts with a professional security company to manage and monitor visitor and commercial/vendor traffic. The front gate is staffed 24/7/365 and can be contacted at 904-284-6813. Gate security staff is only responsible for gate access control activities. They do not patrol the community and cannot respond to emergency calls. If you observe trespassing, unwanted soliciting, illegal or other inappropriate activity, call the Green Cove Springs Police Department at 904-529-2220.  For all emergencies, call 911.

High definition video cameras (including license plate cameras) are located at the front and back gates. Camera video is record continuously and retained for 60-90 days to assist with investigating gate damage incidents, insurance claims, and filing police reports.

Visitor Management System (VMS) software is utilized to allow residents to identify and pre-register frequent visitors/vendors, specify how long they are granted access, and also identify specific individuals and vendors who are barred from entering our property.

Remote controls for resident gates can be purchased ($40) by residents to expedite entry through the gates. Remote availability and purchasing details are provided in the “Remote Access System Policy” at the top of this page.

Gate Entrance Authorization Policies and Procedures:
The gate security staff only allows authorized visitors/vendors and golf & tennis club patrons access to the community. Residents are encouraged to pre-register their routine and permanent visitors/vendors in the VMS database.  Residents may contact the front gate directly to authorize short notice visitors at any time. These calls will be answered as soon as possible but the security staffs priority is processing waiting traffic through the gates.  

Personal guests are granted 24/7 access. Vendor access is limited to normal business hours (M-F 7am-6pm and Sat 8am-3pm) except for emergency repairs or as needed to accommodate resident’s work schedules. Residents should keep their database information up-to-date to expedite visitor/vendor access to your property.

Occasionally, visitors/vendors show up at the front gate but have not been pre-registered or called in by the resident. The security staff will attempt to contact residents via telephone numbers listed in the VMS database. If the resident does not answer the phone to grant access, the visitor/vendor will denied access. It is important for the residents to keep the Visitor Management database (including telephone numbers) up-to-date.

The following companies and/or agencies have been determined by MPCA to have open access to the community.

  1. Governmental Agencies. All governmental vehicles (law enforcement,  fire, rescue, county, state, city, utility, trash removal, Child and Family Services, etc.) in marked or unmarked vehicles.
  2. Package Delivery by Commercial Companies (i.e., UPS, Fed Ex, DHL, etc.).
  3. Commercial Courier Service Companies.
  4. Food and Water Deliveries.
  5. Newspaper and Florist Deliveries.
  6. Comcast and AT&T marked vehicles.
  7. Clay Transit.
  8. Civil Process Servers. Access is allowed at any time provided they have proper identification and court authorized paperwork

The MPCA Board may authorize the gates to be opened for special events and for a finite period of time. Typical events include: the semi-annual community garage sales in April and October; severe weather events (flooding, hurricanes, etc.). No logging of visitors or issuance of passes are required during these times.

Realtor Open Houses are permitted on Saturdays and Sundays between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm only.  Estate Sales are permitted Thursday, Friday and Saturday between the hours of 10:00 am and 3:00 pm only. Visitors to these events will be identified, logged into VMS, and given temporary visitor passes. For more information, see the Association’s policy on Garage Sales, Open Houses and Estate Sales at

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